Property Services

Experience in a diverse range of property work.

With experience dealing in a diverse range of transaction and non-transaction based property work, we want to guide you through the activities that you undertake in the marketplace to achieve the optimal outcome.

Whether you are scoping a new leasehold, land site or pursuing property variations, we welcome the opportunity to partner you.

Acquisition & Sales

With expertise in commercial transactions ranging from greenfield sites to well established properties, our practice is able to assist you to navigate through every step of the contractual process and deliver that requisite outcome. Thorough due diligence enquiries combined with clear explanations are imperative and we are well placed to help you in that regard.


The dynamics of a Body Corporate can be challenging given the various forms of property relationships that can exist. Whether your property is located within a mixed-use development, residential or commercial complex, we offer advice and solutions on all facets of occupation within a community titles scheme.

Commercial Leasing

We can assist either landlords or tenants of corporate, industrial, new and existing premises to document their circumstances and protect their investment. Our advice is sought at different stages of leasing matters including prior to commencement and formation, options and renewals and dealing with end of, or surrender of lease arrangements.

Retail Leasing

With specific legislation devoted to regulating retail shop tenancies, both landlords and tenants need to ensure they understand their respective interests thoroughly. We can assist with meeting the disclosure and drafting requirements for this category of leasehold.

Off the plan

We assist with the implementation of off-the-plan projects irrespective of whether that be within a community titles scheme or freehold subdivision.


We are regularly involved in matters that include option (put and call) agreements, joint venture, shareholder and partnership agreements and provide advice that structures such arrangements and therefore creates certainty for the invested parties.

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