Accommodation Services

Our commitment to this industry is paramount to what we do.

No matter the type of investment you are considering or have, whether that be a freehold, leasehold, existing or new, we are able to assist you through the decision making process and identify the issues that are sure to be encountered, even before they do. We enjoy it.

Management Rights

Our experience is sought after in the areas of off-the-plan and existing business acquisition and sales that often extends to post-transaction advisory work. Developers commonly approach us to ensure their project is delivered to the industry in a form that is readily saleable. Our prudent due diligence ensures that investments are protected and that financial institutions are willing to advance.

We also provide guidance and solutions to managers when formulating new caretaking and letting agreements, varying such agreements (for example, duties and ‘top-ups’) and give advice on the legal parameters of existing agreements.


Industry specific knowledge is crucial to operators of these businesses, and we offer this to you. We assist in the acquisition, sale and continued support of business owners, be that to current or prospective freehold owner-operators or leasehold property holders. Liquor and gaming machine licences are a key element to the conduct of trade within each of these sectors and we advise on these areas also.

Caravan Parks

Caravan park freehold and leasehold properties with or without moveable dwellings are yet another form of accommodation that have distinct considerations. Our attention to detail ensures that you are well informed about your investment.

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